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Mahi Kishore Foundation

The vision of MKF is Akshra - Adharana - Asara. MK foundation strongly believes that Akshara (Education) is very important to enlighten the  lives with moral and ethical values for the bright future. Adharana (Comforting) stands always for  the abandoned community and destitute especially for the old aged widows who don’t have anyone to look after them for their  food and shelter and other essential needs. Asara ( Support)is giving an assurance for the generation to  live on their feet. Helping young generation with skill development and empowerment…Tailoring,making candles ,incense sticks, assembling artificial flowers and computer courses…etc.  MK foundation believes for community transformation occurs through community initiated sustainable projects that help better people’s lives and give them more opportunities to break out of the cycle of poverty in their lives and Laying a solid foundation for the future generations yet to come.

But did you know that most charities are not about giving just money but selflessly thinking to provide an opportunity for another individual to lead a dignified life. So why not give this charity thing a chance now? It’s not just a time for giving to your family, but to those outside of your family, that likely won’t be having as happy a time as you do. So, don’t let these opportunities go pass you; consider, if you will, these 3 reasons to donate to charity this year.

When we take the time to give we benefit more than the recipient with those “warm and tingly” feelings that we don’t plan on expressing aloud. So without a doubt, the number one reason why we give is because it is the right thing to do and we feel so darn good about it

Our Mission

To save lives, enable social protection and defeat poverty. To drive social change by fostering an environment where young adults and children learn, lead, and thrive.

We are working in two states over the past few years, since 2014 the organization has grown both in scope and geographical coverage. we are working for a world where all people live in dignity and security. To complete a journey, we must step forward first. We continue to do our duty quietly and relentlessly and try our level best to solve the problems of society without any hue and cry. Our aim is to wipe out the tears of those poor as we do our own.The season of giving and thinking of others is never-ending. That’s why you’re probably seeing the signs of charitable organizations doing so and have finally reached here. Most of us feel we are too busy to take the time to pull some bills out of our wallets, or maybe we don’t have any to spare.

Our Vision

Our vision is to alleviate poverty by enabling the world to give, To help build a more influential, equal and socially conscious society.

At Mahi Kishore Foundation our vision is to build an inclusive India by pioneering a holistic model to address our nation’s multifaceted development challenges, and contribute to its collective aspirations. Central to our philosophy is the commitment to enhance the quality of life of people from marginalized and vulnerable communities, by empowering them and catalyzing change through innovative and sustainable solutions. Our steadfast endeavor is to create replicable and scalable models of development through an integrated approach in the true spirit of maximizing societal value for all, and making it a movement.”

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